Camp Craig Allen

Camp Craig Allen’s goal is to build an all inclusive, complety barrier-free facility which will encompass activities that wheelchair users will be able to participate in. Not only will the environment be barrier-free, but also each and every activity.

This whole project is about bringing current technology together with new innovative ideas and activities that may add a finer quality of life to someone living with a physical disability, or is wheelchair bound.

Our project scope is to build an entire community, self-contained and green.

Our Mission

Camp Craig Allen is dedicated to the “Overlooked” physically disabled children and physically disabled adults of North Texas. We will encourage self-awareness, positive influence, and independence in therapeutic and educational programs in an accessible environment that promotes abilities and talents of those with the most physical challenges.

Our Goals :

Once our facility is built….

All activities, programs, and the environment will encourage personal growth, ability awareness and broaden the experiences of those that are physically disabled. We will provide continued love, friendship, and support to those with physical disabilities and their families.

Our Objectives :

To include with our facility…

• Camp programs in a completely adaptive indoor and outdoor barrier-free facility. One week recreational sessions for adults and children, which are wheelchair users with physical disabilities.

• Create a self-containing, independent living community providing housing for those with physical disabilities to live, work and play.

• Serving Families by providing a facility, support groups, and education on community resources, in which families may need. Family camp sessions and sibling camp sessions will allow family time without any limitations in both recreation and therapeutic programs.

• Educational & Independent Living Curriculums for adults with physical disabilities to learn practical life skills of living and working independently. Post injury user groups will learn about themselves and independence. Progressive illness user groups will learn adaptations within their environment resulting from a physical change.

• Conference & Retreat Facility targeting healthcare professionals and organizations in which we can promote advocacy by broadening the awareness in the complete adaptive environment. Providing educational curriculums in all physical diseases and injuries resulting to being wheelchair bound. Hands on Conference experience in which will be the first of its kind and world class.

• Sports Training Facility and housing which will allow wheelchair bound athletes to train in a state of the art fully adapted facility including sports as basketball, hockey, tennis, and archery.